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 Film Loughton Newsletter, Autumn 2017

First of all, on behalf of myself and your committee I would like to welcome you to our first screening of the autumn, which is of course “A United Kingdom”. We are delighted to be able to confirm that all our screenings up to Christmas and hopefully beyond, will be at Loughton Methodist Church, which so far has proved popular with both members and non –members. We do appreciate that some people miss the facility of a licenced bar and we are keeping an eye on developments at alternative venues, including Lopping Hall and St Mary’s Hall, so that we may use an alternative as and when we feel the facilities on offer match audience expectations in terms of comfort and the facilities provided as well as being satisfactory from a technical point of view.

We have of course had a long break since our last screening in April and this has been mainly due to technical difficulties associated with our then projector, which regretfully led to the cancellation of our May screening. There has also been the issue of light intrusion during the summer months, which it was felt the projector could not cope with after repair, leading to the inevitable conclusion that we could not offer screenings from June until September. We have now, we hope, solved the projector issue by providing funds to purchase a brand new Panasonic Projector, which is being first used at our 23rd of September screening. It will take time for us to fully appreciate the capacity of the new projector, but we are confident it will improve the quality of your film experience and may be bring other benefits in terms of making screenings possible during the lighter evenings.

In view of the long break, we have decided to provide screenings on four dates prior to Christmas; 23 September, 28 October, 18 November and 9 December. These are all Saturdays, with screenings expected to commence at 7.30 pm on each date. We have already selected a film for the 28 October screening, which will be “Their Finest”. This was very well received when it was released earlier this year and is a finely crafted drama which revolves around the creation of a morale boosting cinema film at the time of the London Blitz and stars Gemma Arterton and Bill Nighy. Having seen this film, I can thoroughly recommend it.
Your committee are currently reviewing several long existing arrangements and regretfully we do not feel that we can continue with the telephone pre booking arrangements, which are quite time consuming and confer little advantage, given the good capacity of Loughton Methodist Church. We have also decided to make amendments to charging arrangements to simplify admission and for the time being we will charge just £5 for members and £6 for non-members for admission to screenings. In the meantime we are not charging any further renewals for memberships, but instead at the AGM after Christmas we will set out proposals which will provide a common renewal date for memberships, probably the 1st of April each year, reduce the cost of membership and increase slightly the charges for non-membership admission, the aim of which will be to make membership more attractive. We are conducting a membership audit at present, so if you are a member would you please ensure you complete the audit form available at the ticket desk. We are also considering the possibility of providing for ticket payments via credit/debit card on the night.

One other development is that Philip has put in a considerable amount of time, expertise and effort to updating our website so that it is more attractive and much easier to maintain and develop. The new site is please take a look, you will find trailers of films under consideration and the site will be developed further in the coming months.

I do hope you enjoy our autumn programme as we move towards our eighth year of bringing film back to Loughton.

David Johnson


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