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Screening dates, in 2018, for your diary:  20th January (Viceroy's House), 10th February (Victoria & Abdul) & 17th March (The Party).
Please do NOT renew your membership, even if contacted by our system. ALL membership cards will be valid until the end of March 2018
(even expired ones!).


The AGM for 2017 was held on Saturday 11th March 2017 at Loughton Methodist Church, 260 High Road, Loughton IG10 1RB, at 7.15 pm.

All members were urged to attend & members of the public were invited to this public meeting.

The meeting lasted about 20 minutes.

The Agenda was  as follows:

2017 AGM Agenda.

1) Approval & signing of the minutes of the AGM held on Saturday 30th January 2016

2) Chairman's Report

3) Treasurer's Report

4) To receive the Statements of Accounts

5) Retirement of the existing committee & elections for the committee for 2017/18

6) Approval of the annual membership subscription

7) Any other business
Copies of the Agenda & Documents presented at the AGM of 2017.

The Minutes from the previous AGM of 2016 were distributed. These were minutes from the meeting held on Sunday 30th January 2016, 7.15 pm, Lopping Hall, 187 High Road, Loughton.

1. Approval & Signing of Minutes of AGM held 8th November 2014.
The Chairman, David Johnson, opened the meeting & introduced the Committee Members to the assenbled Members & Non-Members.
The Minutes to the Annual General Meeting held 8th November 2014 at Lopping Hall, 187 High Road, Loughton were approved by majority vote & signed.

2. Chairman's Report.
Films have been shown on a monthly basis at Lopping Hall & Loughton Club, with an average audience of 45. Audiences have been consistent ensuring screen licences & venue costs could continue to be covered.
David thanked the Committee Members & volunteers for their help at the film screenings throughout the last year. As there is currently a small group of volunteers, additional help at each film screening would be welcomed.

3. Treasurers Report.
Membership numbers remained constant at 54, which along with ticket venue ensured costs were met. Price increases in venue hire & screen licences in the coming year meant audience numbers were required to grow for costs to be continued to be covered rather than increase ticket prices or membership fees.

4, Receive the Statement of Accounts.
The Statement of Accounts was accepted by majority vote.

5. Retiement of existing Committee & elections to the Committee 2015/16.
The following Committee Members for 2015/16 were proposed, seconded & elected by majority vote.
David Johnson, Chairman
Denise Wilkins, Treasurer
Jim Coombes, Technical Director
Graham Barklem, Committee Member
Stefan Gudmundson, Committee Member
Neil Long, Committee Member
Wendy Mead, Committee Member
Stephen Pewsey, Committee Member
David Wixley Committee Member

6. Approval of Annual Membership Subscription.
It was agreed by majority vote to retain the Annual Membership Subscription at £10 for Adult Members & £6 for Junior Members.

7. Any Other Business.
A selection of film trailers for possible future film screenings were shown, on which the assembled were invited to indicate their preferences by show of hands.

The meeting concluded at 7.45 pm.
Income & Expenditure Statement for the Financial Year Ending 30th September 2016 (as distributed)

Income £ 
Ticket Sales                                       2726
Membership Fees                            440
Total Income                                    3166

Expenditure £   
Screen Licences                               1316
Venue Hire                                          918
Stationaery/Postage/Publicity       160
Projector Bulb                                   350
Film Media                                          135
Ticket Printing                                    135
Sundry                                                  45
Total Expenditure                         3059

Surplus income over expenditure     107
Balance sheet as at 30th September 2016
Current Account £   
b/f balance                                         134
Surplus FYE 30Sept16                    107
c/f balance                                         241

Equipment fund £    
b/f balance                                     2261
Fundraising/grant                           703
Sound equipment purchase    2002
c/f balance                                       962

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